Tel: 082 441 8952
JT 251 Roodewal 
South Africa

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•    All Bookings to be made via email or sms/Whatsapp : or 0824418952.

      Information required for reservation enquiries:

  •       Name and Surname

  •       No of dogs and breeds / sizes  (weight in kg S / M / L or X-Large)  

  •       Tel number and Email address

  •       Drop off date and pick up date

•    Inoculation booklets with proof of both rabies and 5 in 1 being up to date are a prerequisite.

      Kennel cough is recommended but not mandatory. Booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of these papers.

      Unfortunately no dogs will be accepted without these. (Need to be done at least 14 days prior to boarding)

•    Payment is required in full prior to dropping the doggy/s off or fully payable in cash on drop off.

•    Once the inoculation certificates and deposits are received your reservation will be confirmed.



• We may refuse to board any dog that, upon arrival, looks too ill to be boarded, always best to disclose everything whilst making arrangements.



• Dogs from different homes will not board together  - unless they are booked in that way - and dogs from different homes will not be allowed out to have play 

  time together either. Play time is done one kennel at a time.

• No more than three dogs will be allowed to be kenneled together in one kennel. (In certain cases, boarding of more than one dog per kennel will be at our

  discretion.) Remember doggys may be the best of friends at home, where they are comfortable and have ample space - but when they are suddenly in a

  strange environment, and possibly frustrated, it is best to avoid any situation that places them under more stress.

• Each kennel has a little room area, so doggys have a portion of the kennel that is exposed to the elements, and a portion of the kennel which is shielded

  from the elements (almost like the sleeping quarters). Inside the "sleeping area" are wooden pallets - so that doggys are raised up off of the cold concrete.

  We do provide blankets - but something familiar is always comforting  - so of course you are welcome to bring their bed or blankie along.

• In quiet periods doggy/s are let out for play time daily. They are allowed to stretch their legs and have a little run on the grass, do their doggy business.

  Some doggys want as much love and attention as they can get whilst we is around and some want to sniff every corner of the courtyard - so this is their time

  - to decide what they feel like doing. In very special circumstances we will take doggys on leashed walks, but ordinarily they are left to play unleashed.

• If you suspect it is going to be traumatic for Mommy and the kids to say bye when dropping the doggy/s off, consider saying buy at home to make the

  experience less traumatic for them. We all understand that it's difficult, be it at home or here, and of course don't mind if you want to say your goodbyes

  here, but have found it is easier for parents to leave the kiddies at home, and let them do their goodbyes there.


• All dogs to be taken to kennel from vehicle and to vehicle from kennel LEASHED, no exceptions.

• ANY foods / toys / thingies for doggy/s are to be placed in a suitably sized WATERPROOF container with a lid and a handle from which this container can hang... this will stay in the kennel with them – to help control feeding of specific foods to specific dogs. Should this not be adhered to we will not be accepting the foods etc. Private bowls, are not required - but if brought, along with beds and blankets need to be clearly labeled with the OWNERS names so these can be identified upon collection, the onus is on you to ensure you take everything home with you again - we will not accept any responsibility for damages or losses or for things that have been left behind, or beds that doggy/s have chewed up!

Please strictly adhere to our kennel times which are: Mondays – Sundays: 08h00 to 13h00 and 14h00 to 17h00


  THIS IS AVAILABLE BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT ONLY! CLOSED ON 25, 26 December AND 1 January , no exceptions.


2020 /2021 RATES: 

• Rates are subject to change without prior notification.

• METHODS OF PAYMENT: EFT and cash. Cash deposits need to cover the bank charges.


50% CANCELLATION FEE if cancelled within 14 days of arrival. R100 admin fee on all cancellations.

COVID related cancellations will not be refunded but the refundable portion will be kept for a credit that will be valid for 1 year.

• Any / All vets charges, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the need for medical attention will be fully for owners account.


              PER DOG PER DAY                    

Small Dog (<10KG)                 R70.00                                          

Medium Dog (10KG-20KG)     R80.00                                          

Large Dog (20KG - 40KG)      R90.00                                          

X Large Dog (40KG+)             R110.00  

Danger Dog                            R150.00

Min Fee of R1000.00 for all December bookings




We are not taking any new clients; as of 2021 all

dogs will be taken on a interview basis. We have

reduced the amount of kennels we have,

and will service out regular clients first and then

only accept any new dogs / clients once we know

that we can happily work with your dogs.